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Working on a variety of projects throughout the pandemic has been a true privilege in a difficult year. From Zoom readings, to interactive Twitch streams, to full scale digital productions, I have certainly been busy throughout all of 2020 and 2021.




This devised digital play features an original interactive board game— and invites audiences to join the fun, too! This interactive digital play saves a pillow at a slumber party reunion for the exhilaration (and occasional awkwardness) of enduring friendship—and the power of revisiting the past, growing pains and all. 

I voiced the board game, the B.F.F. 2000, your Better Friend Forever and a variety of townsfolk inside the board game. Check out the Dacha Website for more information.


In this virtual interactive experience, audience contestants compete as they attempt to reprogram cutting-edge (but still buggy) AI chatbots to complete a series of reality-TV style challenges, with a winning prize for the “Most Human” bot on the show.

I play Rose Walker, the host of the reality TV program, The Digital Dialogue. 

Check out this excerpt from one live Twitch Stream

TimeOut New York was a fan - read their rave review!


You can also catch some highlight videos on the Dacha Twitch channel.

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A different couple every night 

Live from their living room

A hybrid show with two actors in our living room, a live studio audience of our many housemates, and a virtual audience watching over Zoom.

Check out more information and the other couples here.

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Our favorite rag-tag team of cryptid-hunters takes a deep dive into all things bugaboo in Yarn: Unraveled, a recurring webseries dead set on uncovering the world's greatest secrets... and handling the consequences! We had one live show on Friday the 13th.

Audiences could watch the show on Twitch and comment in the chat, or jump on the call and help solve any mysteries that arose. 

Catch the recorded episodes and other mysterious content on the Dacha website or see some highlights from our live show on the Dacha Twitch channel.

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One night only staged Zoom reading of the Tempest. Shakespeare’s final and most personal play, The Tempest is a powerful and often funny story of love, forgiveness and redemption

See the recording of the stream here!


Digital Program here!

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